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Lij:  What was the name of that fake game y'all tried to get me into?
Dom: Oh! Uh...
Billy, laughing: Tig!
Dom, thinking:  Ti-tig? Tag? Tig?
Lij: Tig. Tig!
Sean: That was good.
Lij: Oh my god...
Billy: In.. in Tig... when we were filming Weathertop and myself and Dom just started "tigging" each other, you know, touch each other and *tig* *tig*, just like, for no reason.  And then Sean came over
Sean: slightly different time
Billy: and he came over and started doing it as well *tig* and then we'd say tig-tig, tig-tag, like, for no reason! *laughs*
Dom: Tog-tig
Billy: And then.. and then, Elijah came over and said "What you guys doing?" and I saw "Ah, we're playing a game called tig." and he says "How do you play?" And then we spent like,  the next 2 hours making up rules..
Lij: .. and trying to teach me and of course I was getting everything wrong
(they talk over each other)
Sean: Yeah he couldnt follow the game cause the three of us were forever frustrated that he wasnt following these new rules that we were continuing to make up.
Dom: So we would play.. the three of us were constantly getting it right, and everytime Elijah tried a new way of tigging someone we'd say "No, Elijah you cant tig on a tog, you cant tag on a tig, you have to- you have to do an elephant impression if you're gonna tig Billy and if Billy's gonna tig you back you have to get on your knees and take your trousers down..."
Billy: How many times Elijah, you cant double tig a tag! *laughs*
(they all laugh)
Dom: Yeah
Billy: you know..
Dom, amused: And for like, three weeks he was saying how much he'd enjoyed playing tig and that he..
Billy: And.. and..
Sean: -he wanted us to get a rule book-
Billy: But do you remember that we forgot to say that it was a windup? And it was like, a year later he says "Why do we never play tig?"
(they all laugh)
Elijah: And then they finally told me... the cat came out of the bag.  My whole world came shattering down on me when they told me that was a lie.  'Cause I - for a whole year I believed that that was a real game, and then they told me and I-
Dom:  I'm Sorry, Elijah..
Billy: Sorry, Elijah..
Elijah: What else.. what else was not true, thats what I was asking...
Dom: No..
Sean: It undermines the integrity of the entire relationship, yeah I agree.
Lij: Yeah..
Dom:  It was part of the whole bonding experience though..
Billy:  Although me and Dom are actually just lies...
Dom: Yeah, a big bag of lies..
Sean: Not that big a bag...
(they all giggle)

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