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Strange AIM convos
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These are some funny, weird or just plain silly AIM convos that I've had with friends.  To keep people from adding them, I've changed or shortened the names, but so the people that know who they are can tell by the name still.  This page was inspired by my friend's page, Bizzare AIM Convos! Have fun reading! 

Me: ummm....
Me: oops sorry wrong window
Me: heh..
whippy: hehe
whippy: Um? What um? WHAT!!
whippy: *grabs Dani and shakes*
whippy: NO last minute ums!
Me: ACK!
whippy: *sobs*
Me: *is scared*
Me: *comforts*

Fuz: uh, i have a PM ;-)
Me: I wonder who that could be from?
Me: *innocent eyes*
Fuz: *clicks*
Fuz: *surprised gasp*

Me: I LOVE jelly bellys
Me: they're my favourite candy
Me: Hmmmm... *cocks head at supposed "booger"-flavoured one*
Scott: I, unfortunatly, haven't had much candy in awhile...not since I raided my brothers halloween candy anways
Me: *wrinkles nose at the colour*
Me: aww poor you
Scott: mmm halloweens coming up though!
Me: eek dont even say that!
Me: to have hallowe'en means to be back in... the dreaded "S"
Me: *cowers*
Me: *sticks booger flavoured one in mouth*
Me: uhhh....
Me: right...
Me: ick...
Me: *spits it out*
Scott: awww "s", bwuahaha I no longer know thee
Me: well... yours is now "U"
Me: YICK that was horrible
Sidenote: "S" is equal to school, "U" is University

Me: *poke*
Me: *runs*
Me: didnt do it
Laura: herro!
Laura: get back here, you!
Me: *whistles non-chalantley*
Laura: *yanks Dani by shirttail*
Me: *runs on the spot*
Me: yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Laura: hehehehehehe

Scott: sooo whats your guitars name?
Scott: and don't say arthur unless it really is :-P
Scott: hah...hah...*raises eyebrow*
Me: actually, i hadnt named it
Scott: *gasp*!
Me: ok, it has a name now
Me: lol
Scott: what is it then?
Me: Arthur
Me: :-P
Scott: phew...alright if thats its official name then all is well
Me: hehe
Scott: I can't believe you had an inanimate object lacking a name...whew...scared me there for a minute...

Me: YIPE *jumps out of seat*
Me: Snape came on... lol.. someone signed off and it scared the crap out of me lol
Fuz: rotfl!
Fuz: Hehe. my aim has Chandler going: Ding-dong, the psycho's gone!"

Chel: bwack
Hearty: that's a good point, chel
Hearty: BWACK
Fuz: i did the P first.
Wolle: Bwackbwack!
Fuz: it didn't work, did it?
Chel: bwack
Chel: bwack
Hearty: bwack

Discussing a picture of Scott
Me: *giggle* its you! *points*
Me: with blonde hair...
Me: wow
Me: lol
Scott: haha I take it the pictures arrived
Me: oh yeah... i forgot about them thats all
Scott: is that a good laugh or a mocking me laugh? *raises eyebrow*
Me: hmmm... a little from coloumn A, a little from column B...
Me: But really,  you look so different... i mean, even without the blonde you'd look different
Me: you're face looks different
Me: or maybe thats cuz of that whacky grin... :-P
Scott: *looks at face in mirror*....that grin did come out odd...*shrug* I was either talking or laughing, one of the two
Me: lol
Scott: or getting hit over the head with an invisible pole...either way...
Me: LOL!
Me: yeah it looks kind of like a painful smile lol!!

Me: *giggle*
Me: *looks at Harry Potter post*
Me: oooooooh pictures...
Me: ooooh fred
Me: or
Me: george
Me: lol

Me: ergh itchy bcak
Me: er
Me: back even
Lucy: *scratches Dani's back*
Me: ooooh thanks... *happy sigh&
Me: **
Lucy: lol
Me: *sneeze*
Me: oy
Lucy: bless you!
Me: *pokes ma in tickly spot*
Me: ta
Lucy: *giggle*
Me: hehe
Me: *pokes ma again*
Lucy: *giggle* again
Me: hehe...
Me: i love making you giggle
Lucy: hehe
Me: *bounces around*
sheesh... can you tell I was hyper that day?

(Scott had just looked at a picture of my room)
Scott: holy jeez, do you have enough stuff in your room? i think you should build another wall just to put stuff on haha
Me: *croses eyes at Scott*
Me: :-P
Scott: I bet you have about a dozen full-grown trees worth of paper on your walls
Me: humph
Me: :-\
Scott: hahaha
Scott: well at least you get good oxygen flow
Me: *growls*
Scott: eek *backs away*
Me: lol
Me: I'm not gonna attack you
Me: dont worry
Scott: *raises eyebrow*....I won't take my chances
Me: :-(
Scott: turn that frown upside down
Scott: woah...haven't said that in years
Me: *turns moniter upside down*
Scott: umm now it looks like a weird cleft forehead with a nose
Me: LOL!!
Me: *turns head at weird angles to try and see thingy upside down*
Me: owwww... my neck
Scott: hahaha
Me: *cough*
Scott: *hack*
Me: *snork*
Scott: *bufft*
Me: bufft?
Scott: snork?
Scott: I guess we're even
Me: Yeah lol, we're even!

Disscussing an Ad-Lib I had just done:
Me: *giggles* He stank like George Harrison....
Me: *thud*
Scott: aww jeez.....I didn't even know he smelled...I would say he needs a bath but you would be too eager to help...*shakes head*

Me: HELP!!
Scott: you need somebody?

Me: "mental that one, I'm tellin yeh"
Me: *fanfare*
Manda: LOL
Manda: fanfare?
Me:I have arrived!
Manda: OH
Manda: *applauds*
Me: *bows* thank ye thank ye
Me: *ahem*

Wolle: Dani are you still here?
Chel: ok
Me: yup
Wolle: Thank heavens!
Me: see! *points to self* im here
Fuz: don't fall into the abyss :-)
Me: k
Chel: it is painful falling into the abyss
Fuz: well, even davy managed not to fall into it... well, but he landed in the middle of a hillbilly family feud ;-)
Me: lol
Hearty: ??
Chel: davy episode
Chel: i mean monkee episode

We were playing a Beatles game at the time and I was Ringo and he was George:
Me: :-D
Me: *dances* Im a drummer...
Scott: haha so you are
Me: *giggle*
Scott: I have no clue who that is...but I think I have a fan...
Me: Sings* im a drummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmer... And im not who i appear to be...
Me: ;l)
Me: oops
Me: ;-)
Scott: haha very nice
Me: :-D
Me: thanks
Me: *bows*
Me: lol you laughing at me?
Scott: maybe...
Me: *pounces you*
Scott: eek! you dare pounce George?
Me: lol
Scott: wait...I shouldn't ask would
Me: :-D
Me: *angel face*
Me: :-D
Me: *gets giddy*
Scott: *rolls eyes* haha
Me: you shouldnt have said that...
Scott: right...
Me: lol

Friends are fun...